We are a team of experienced educators and mathematicians dedicated to providing high-quality online courses for middle and high school students. Our courses prepare students for advanced math courses and develop their programming skills for future research projects. With a focus on remote learning and flexible scheduling, our courses are accessible to middle and high school students anywhere, anytime. Whether you are preparing for AP math courses or want to develop your analytical skills for future research opportunities, our courses can help you succeed in the competitive academic environment.


Current Courses

We are currently offering three courses:

Applied Statistics with Python

This course is specifically designed to prepare 7-10th grade students for the challenging Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics course, and develop their data analytic skills for future research projects. Details... 

Python in Minecraft

In this course, you will embark on an exciting journey to learn Python programming by creating engaging projects within the Minecraft game environment. By combining the popular game Minecraft with programming, you will have the opportunity to enhance your coding skills while having fun and unleashing your creativity. Details... 

AOPS Algebra

This in-person course is based on the popular textbook AOPS Introduction to Algebra and concentrates on the algebra topics covered in Grades 6 -- 9. Details... 



Our courses provide a solid foundation in math and programming skills that can be applied to a variety of real-world applications and projects. Below are some applications of the course knowledge in Minecraft. More projects can be found here.